My Projects

I also have a github profile where I publish projects I am currently working on.


Shared shopping - right from Messenger.


Jeder Look dein Style?

ABOUT YOU Javascript SDK

Shop API interface for the German online fashion shop ABOUT YOU.

Developer Blog: Node.js & Ruby SDKs veröffentlicht

Neptun 2: Diabetes Management

Neptun 2 is an app that helps diabetics to manage their therapy easier. By tracking blood sugar continuously and aggregating fitness as well as nutrition data from Apple's Health platform, Neptun 2 presents actionable information and recommendations to patients to improve their daily life. Using Apple CareKit Neptun 2 helps to stay in contact with the medical advisor and adapt the therapy according to the CarePlan.

Project Fresh

project fresh is a e-shop to help flatmates order groceries comfortably at a cheaper price with a shared shopping cart and social payment process.

Event Guru - Entdecke Konzerte

Development support for Amazon Alexa skill to discover concerts in your city.


Worldwide live-music recommendation application. University Course

Organization of Hackathons in Munich. Former Web App Club, Technische Universität München