My Academic Work

WebCDN - A Content Distribution Network from web browsers using WebRTC

Group of Applied Informatics - Cooperative Systems.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

Advisor: Claudius Hauptmann

Description: The work evaluates potential resource savings, performance improvements and security concerns of a content distribution network (CDN) from client web browsers. The implementation leverages the WebRTC framework to distribute content between peers without relaying the data through an intermediate web server. The evaluation exploits a cloud computing infrastructure to access websites from automated browser instances located across multiple locations. Furthermore, a proxy server is used to inject the system's client component and simulate peer-to-peer content delivery with real websites.

An End-to-End Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Passenger Demand of a Ride-hailing Service

Chair of Connected Mobility

Responsible: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Ott

Advisor: Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl